Lucio DDT ART arises on the scene, in the art system with a unbridled propensity, an “ oppository” impulse of clear visionary brand. He is motivated by a cultural commitment profoundly deep-rooted, a compelling need to be active protagonist of the contemporary art. Painter, sculptor and performer he has been conducting for years his artistic thinking that he himself denominates “DDT ART”.

LUCIO DDT ART's sculptures use heterogeneous materials- all recicled, with prevailing use of plastic that the artist often finds at night close to the garbage bins. For the artist, painting, drawing, creating sculptures thanks to these recicled materials means to upset things, to divert customs, to deconstruct the representability in a kind of nightmare of the post-modern building an almost science fiction apocalyptic mutation. In the works of LUCIO DDT ART it is impressing a kind of hybridization between human beings and beastly figures, a recreation of the animated world that finds direct and fruitful ancestry in the pictorial and graphyc activity of our Artist.

His figures suggest aliens which the artist lends on the one hand physical faculties on the other hand they refer to the hi-tech world and in many ways they bury in the modern existential condition. But through his paintings, it can appear a sense of impatience against contemporaneity but for the importance that the artist is able to give to the line, to the colour, to the sfumato and to the preciseness defining the details of his insects ( subject mainly represented by the author) they can appear pleasant from the aesthetic point of view, even if they attack the visual standardization and homogenization that we receive daily and unconsciously and which we are manipulated by.

In his performances he merges his own person with his works, mainly sculptures and drawings. The theme,which these representations are structured around, is the nuclear disaster, a very important theme for the artist. The message itself of these performances becomes a kind of alert for humanity itself. During his performancing representations he appears to the public with sculptural masks that he himself creates and calls “ddt art nbc”.





"Lucio Ddt Art” is among the most controversial figures of the neapolitan underground scene.

Mario Franco

"Ddt represents poison, and Art represents life. Poison in art, poison of life.”

Lucio Labriola

"Human figures that seem like they lost any humanity"

Stefano Chiuchiarelli

"The images wander furious and lascivious like smoke spirals from a pile of radioactive corpses."

Simone Gravina