Home address: Via Nino Bixio 2 80135 Naples - Italy

Workshop address: Vico Longo a Carbonara 46 80139 Naples - Italy

Cellular: (+39) 339.57.76.999


Contact Facebook: Giuseppe Lucio Labriola

Contact Linkedin: Lucio Labriola DDT ART

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Translator: Emma Olivieri












"Lucio Ddt Art” is among the most controversial figures of the neapolitan underground scene.

Mario Franco

"Ddt represents poison, and Art represents life. Poison in art, poison of life.”

Lucio Labriola

"Human figures that seem like they lost any humanity"

Stefano Chiuchiarelli

"The images wander furious and lascivious like smoke spirals from a pile of radioactive corpses."

Simone Gravina